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Real Estate Market – May 2018

Month in Review – More Homes For Sale

This week we will review the real estate market for the past week and the month of May 2018, spoiler, there are more homes for sale! On a week-to-week basis tracking new listings, sold pending and conditionally sold listings gives great insight into the current state of the market. Reviewing monthly numbers helps give perspective on how our current market compares to previous season or months. Below are the weekly stats followed by some additional numbers and commentary to help you stay in touch with our local real estate markets.

Waterloo & Wellington Region Real Estate Markets – MLS Listings Weekly Stats

New Listings: 418

Sold Pending: 348

Sold Closed: 439

Cancelled & Expired: 159

Active Conditionally Sold & Not Showing: 175

Price Increase: 8

Price Decrease: 121

Back on Market: 40

MLS Listings Weekly Review

MLS Data shows fewer new listings and more sold pending listings that the previous week. There were 418 new listings and 348 sold pending listings last week compared to 459, and 275 the previous week. In addition, there were 439 sold closed last week compared to 153 the previous week. This is fairly common to see significantly more closings at the end of the month, especially in the Spring and Summer months. It is also important to note that there were 121 price decreases, up from 95 last week. Heads up bargain shoppers! We can expect more and more price decreases in June/July as motivated sellers try and get a done deal prior to the end of the Summer.

May 2018 Monthly Review & Realtor’s Notes


Reviewing weekly numbers is a great way to stay in-tune with our real estate markets. We also want to help our community gain perspective as well. Below is a overview of the inventory of active listings in Waterloo and Wellington region for the past 5 years.


Taking a quick look at the graph we can see the sharp decline in active listings in July 2016. This was the last time our markets had over 2,500 active listings. This was the beginning of the wild market that was 2017..

In May 2018 our markets had 2,533 active listings which is the most we have seen since Jun 2016 (2,698 active listings) and almost 500 more active listings than May 2017 (2,071). This is an encouraging sign and is pointing towards a more balanced market than we have seen in almost 2 years. If there are homes for sale in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph will reduce the competition between buyers.

A question we get a lot is “Are prices going to decrease?”. The short answer is “We don’t have a crystal ball”. Our view on the market is that there are always opportunities available, sometimes it is just harder to find them. In the short term will prices decrease? Not likely. We expect prices to continue to slowly increase throughout 2018. Inventory has increased but there are not enough available listings to meet buyer demand in our regions.

Have some real estate questions? Want to see other stats? Let us know what we can share to help you! Drop us a comment or contact us.