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Buying Smart Series – March 2018

Real Estate – Buying Smart Series

March 2018 is all about educating buyers! Smart buyers consistently get the best deals in any market, are you a smart buyer? Here is the smart series overview.

Buying Smart Series Overview

1. Education

When was the last time you bought a house? Unless you are consistently buying and selling real estate it is very hard to jump into the largest purchase of your life and feel confident. This is why we focus on educating clients to become the smartest buyers in our market. In this part of our buying smart series you will learn about common errors and misconceptions buyers have, learn about the tasks and costs associated with buying real estate, and you will understand our real estate markets from top to bottom!

2. Financial Qualification

In this section of the series we will discuss the finance side of real estate! Topics like mortgage financing, where and how to get expert advice and service, mortgage pre-approvals, financing conditions and more.

3. Buying Strategy

Buying strategies are different for everyone! The important thing is that the strategy makes sense for you and your situation but also puts you in the best position to get your dream home. We will share how and why our strategies work to find great value in our real estate markets.

4. Acquiring Your Dream Home

Ok so now that you’re the smartest buyer in the market, you have your finances in order, and you found your dream home how do you get it!? In the final part of our buying smart series we will discuss important topics from making great offers to closing the deal and everything in between.


We love real estate and helping our friends in the community find great value in our markets. If there are any specific topics or questions you have about real estate send us a message or comment below. You can follow along on Facebook too where we will be sharing our buying smart series and tips!

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