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Real Estate Market Review – MLS Waterloo and Wellington November 2018

MLS Waterloo and Wellington November 2018

MLS Waterloo Region and Wellington County data shows growth in both number of listings and prices. Our real estate markets in Waterloo Region and Wellington County followed seasonal trends as winter approaches. Below we will share sales volume and price data for MLS Waterloo and MLS Wellington.

MLS Waterloo Region – Stronger Than 2017?!


MLS Waterloo Region data shows that our residential real estate markets had more active listings and a higher average sale price compared to 2017! The Waterloo Region real estate market in November 2017 had  1,405 active listings and an average sale price of just over $488,000. This year, MLS Waterloo data shows healthy growth with 1,509 active listings and an average sale price of $504,673 in the month of November.  When compared to October, Waterloo region saw slight decreases in active listings but almost the exact same average sale price.


MLS Wellington County – Steady Growth

Wellington County experienced comparable growth in both active listings and average sale prices to Waterloo Region. November 2018 average sale price was $517,829 compared to $487,456 in 2017. Wellington County real estate markets also had more active listings with 517 this year and 463 in 2017. When compared to October numbers, Wellington county saw a decrease in active listings but a increase in average sale price as shown on the graph. These number are in line with seasonal trends.


Realtor Notes

Price and inventory numbers for both Waterloo and Wellington real estate markets show steady growth in both categories. This is encouraging as it supports a more stable real estate market. Slight increases in inventory numbers provides buyers with a little more opportunity. We typically see average prices slide in the winter months but overall steady increases to average sale prices through 2018 signals a more predictable market and steady growth.

Looking forward to December we can expect average prices to stay fairly similar in both Waterloo Region and Wellington County real estate markets. Inventory of active listings will likely decrease as investor and sellers push to sell and close before the new year. We typically see a few more motivated sellers in November and December as sellers push to get deals done before the year end. This does NOT mean it is a bad time to sell or buy. Each individual situation is completely different. We report on averages and general market trends as this represents overall market best. Get in touch with any specific questions HERE or connect with us on Facebook.

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