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Real Estate Review June 2018: Inventory Dips – Fewer Houses For Sale in Waterloo Region

Month in Review – June 2018

As the Spring market of 2018 came to an end our markets saw fewer houses for sale in Waterloo compared to May. Inventory slipped down to 1356 active listings in June compared to 1439 in May. In Waterloo region, like most of southern Ontario, we can expect inventory to slide after the Spring primarily due to seasonal trends. In summary, we experienced a steady increase to monthly inventory leading up to May. This was followed by a slight decline in active listings in June and into July.

June 2018 brought few surprises in the Waterloo Region real estate. Low inventory and strong buyer demand continued to move our market along quickly and continue upward pressure on prices. A great tool to gauge how quickly a real estate market is moving is to review average days on market and price appreciation.

Here we can view the green portion of the chart and see that the media days to sell increased over April, May and June. In bother April and May the media days to sell was 13 compared to 15 in June meaning the market moved a little quicker over April and May. To put into perspective, historical averages for average days on market is around 21-25 days for most medium to large sized markets in southern Ontario. Also note, that in our market days to sell will be lower in freehold properties under $550,000 compared to freehold properties in a higher price point.

The blue line represents the median list price for houses for sale in waterloo region. In May the media list price was $474,900 compared to $489,900 in June.




Are Houses for Sale in Waterloo Going in Multiples?

We get a lot of questions from both buyers and sellers asking about bidding wars. Are they still happening? The short answer is: sometimes. For properties in more competitive price points (typically below $550,000) and sellers that intentionally list their property under market value we do still see some bidding wars. That being said the majority of listings sell very close to asking price.

Close price to list price is the ratio between what a seller listed their home for, and the final price it actually sold for. Since Feb 2018, on average, this ration has been 100%. That means that properties have sold for 100% of their asking price on average for the last 5 months. This compare to the historical average of 98%, and 111% that we experienced last Spring.

Overall June 2018 yielded few surprises. Prices have increased consistently over 2018 even with rising interest rates and tightening mortgage regulations. Well priced houses for sale in Waterloo Region move very quickly and occasionally get multiples. However, listings typically sell within 2 weeks and around asking price.

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