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Waterloo Region Real Estate Blog – August 2019

August 2019 Real Estate Review

Waterloo region real estate market provided little surprises in August 2019. Low inventory across all market segments continues to fuel competition at virtually every price point. That being said, average sale price for the waterloo region real estate markets slid for the third straight month from May highs. We speculate that this is a result of the lower inventory for freeholds and larger homes compared to condo sales that are typically in lower price points.

Waterloo Region Real Estate Key Market Stats

  • Average sale price across all property types in Waterloo region was $515,842 in August
  • All listings were on market for an average of 26 days
  • Overall market supply was 1.6 months

Single Family Homes

Below are keys stats for the single family property type as well as Condos and townhouses/semi-detached properties afterwards.

Average Sale Price: $589,071

Days on market: 19 Days

Months Supply – Inventory: 1.7 Months

The average sale price of single family homes in the Waterloo Region was just under $590,00, down from its peak of about $604,000 in May. The average days on market increased from 21 days in July to 24 in august. The months supply dropped to 1.7 months in August.


Waterloo condos continue to come to market as new developments continue to come to market. Overall there is a healthy demand for affordable, centrally located condos in the Waterloo Region real estate market.

Average Sale Price:  $315,000

Average Days on Market: 45 Days

Months of Inventory: 2.7 Months

Average sale price for condos in waterloo region slid almost $5,000 from July to August. The average days on market jumped from 29 days in July to 45 in August. This may be skewed at the time of writing as conditional and firms sales will continue to be processed in the first few days of each month. We will review this figure in the coming weeks. Finally, inventory numbers for condos in waterloo region dropped from 3.3 months, to 2.9 months in August.

Townhouses & Semi-Detached

Check out the key stats on this market segment below! Want more information on this segment? Drop a comment or contact us here.

Semi -Detached average sale price was $436,904

Townhouse average sale price was $421,378

The average days on market was approximately 22 days

There was just 1.0 months of inventory in August 2019

Realtor Notes

The end of July and August are traditionally slower months for sales in Waterloo Region. This held true with dropped in number of sales and inventory across most market segments. Look for inventory to bounce back up and buyer demand to slow down slightly in the coming months.

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Waterloo Real Estate Market Review – July 2019

In July, the Waterloo real estate market experienced a second straight decline in inventory. Listings continue to sell in about three weeks on average and for approximately 100% of asking price. The Waterloo real estate markets continue to be competitive signalling values should appreciate.

Waterloo Region Real Estate Key Market Stats

  • Average sale price across all property types in Waterloo region was $516,481 in July 2019
  • All listings were on the market for an average of 22 days
  • Overall market supply was 1.8 months in July 2019

Wondering how July compared to past months? View our monthly blogs to see!

Single Family Homes

For single family homes the average sale price has increased by 6.3% from July 2018. The average days on market was 20 days, and the months supply remained at 2 months for the second straight month. 

  • Average Sale Price: $594,270
  • Days on market: 21 Days
  • Months Supply – Inventory: 2.0 Months

The Waterloo real estate market continues to experience very low inventory, especially in single family homes. Low inventory is fueling competition and price appreciation in this segment.

For example, months of inventory for single family homes priced between 200-450,000 is just 0.3 months, down from 0.5 months last year. That is a decrease of about 40%. For single family homes priced above $450,000 there is just 2.4 months of inventory. This is down from 2.8 months (14.3% drop) in the same month last year.


Our Waterloo region real estate market continues to provide opportunity in the Condo segment as redevelopment of the city core’s progress. New developments from local and national organization in uptown Waterloo and downtown Kitchener continue to be the focus for local residence and investors.

  • Average Sale Price: $320,250 
  • Average Days on Market: 29
  • Months of Inventory: 3.3 Months

Waterloo Condos increased in average sale price by almost $15,000 from June to July. Average days on market increased slightly from 19 to 21. Months of inventory increased from 2.9 in June to 3.3 in July.

Townhouses & Semi-Detached

  • Semi -Detached average sale price was $436,904
  • Townhouse average sale price was $421,378
  • The average days on market was 21 days in June for this segment
  • 1.0 months of inventory in July 2019 down from 1.2 in June

Developers and builders just can’t bring new units to market quick enough in this segment. Buyers have been hungry for affordable freehold options which townhouses and semi-detached properties have traditionally filled. What we have found, especially over the past few years, is that the price gap between smaller detached homes and this segment has continued to shrink.

We have speculated that Investor demand and a shift in buyer trend from the resale market to pre-construction has also fueled aggressive price growth in towns and semis. Check Buzz Buzz for pre-construction and upcoming developments in Waterloo Region and surrounding areas.

Realtor Notes – Buyers be ready!

Buyers, we feel your pain. There are few options out there and anything good is sold very quickly and likely above asking. We work with buyers every day and we found that education, qualification, and preparation are the best way to find great deals in any market. 

Educate yourself on the buying process and to better understand the market conditions. Qualify yourself with a mortgage pre-approval, have your deposit ready, and get comfortable with the types of offers that are going to win you the perfect home when you see it! Finally prepare yourself to actively search with the right tools. Buyers, prepare to active search and make sure you are using the best tools. Get connected on a realtor quality property search! Review any options as soon as they come to market and be prepared to search. This will help you narrow your search so you can confidently offer on the next property that matches exactly what you are looking for.