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Kitchen Design Trends Guide 2018


While white kitchens will remain popular in 2018, expect to see more color this year in everything from cabinets to tile to appliances. In real estate, the kitchen is the focal point of your home and are usually the largest single investment in your property. Here is what is hot in kitchen trends for 2018!


1. Two-toned Cabinets

Two-toned cabinets are quickly overtaking the white-on-white look that has dominated kitchen design for the past few years. While white remains a classic, grey and bleached-wood cabinet variations are surging in popularity, along with darker neutrals like navy and green.

2. Quartz Counter Tops

Granite reigned as the top counter top choice for many years, but quartz is now king. It’s highly durable, low-maintenance and comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. It’s also heat resistant, scratch resistant and non-porous (unlike granite and marble) so it doesn’t need to be sealed.

3. Bold Backsplashes

After years of dominating backsplash design, the white subway tile is officially on its way out. Expect to see it replaced with more elaborate shapes, patterns, colors and textures. Tile that mimics the appearance of wood, concrete and wallpaper is also gaining in popularity.

4. Statement Sinks

While stainless steel and white porcelain are always safe bets, the trend is moving toward sinks that make more of a statement. Look for unexpected pops of color and materials like natural stone and copper. Touch-free faucets are expected to gain favor with homeowners this year, too.

5. Multi-purpose Islands

Many feature sinks, built-in appliances and under-counter storage while also serving as a casual dining area. They have become the focal point of the kitchen.

6. Black Stainless Steel

Black stainless steel is the hot new finish option for appliances, and it’s hitting the market in a big way. It offers a cutting-edge look and is easier to keep clean than traditional stainless steel. However, it’s harder to match finishes amongst different brands, so it’s probably only feasible as part of a complete appliance package.

What’s Cooking in Your Kitchen?!

Beautiful kitchens are the envy of home owners and potential buyers. A Kitchen renovation is a big project but can bring an even bigger return on your investment. When in doubt, you can be sure that investing in a kitchen renovation will not only help you and your family enjoy the most popular room in your home but also yield a great return in the real estate market!

What have you done to your kitchen? Were you ahead of the times and already capitalized on some of these hot trends? We would love to see your renovations and share ideas!

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