Real Estate Market 2019 Waterloo Region Annual Report

Waterloo, Cambridge, Kitchener Real Estate Market 2019 Overview

The Waterloo Region real estate market 2019 experienced another year of growth in many key stats. This blog post will review the key market statistics for the entire Waterloo Region. From there we will compare the performance of the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge markets in 2019 to the past years’ numbers. Furthermore we will comment on important trends and metrics that may help indicate what we can expect in the coming months in the Waterloo region real estate market.

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Waterloo Region Real Estate Overall Market Review 2019

There were 8,106 total sales in 2019 throughout Waterloo Region across all market segments. That represents a 3.6% increase in the number of sales from 2018. Of those 8,106 sales 62.6% were single family homes and 37.4% were townhouse/condo sales. Below are the key market stats for the entire Waterloo Region.

  • Median sale price $490,00 UP 10.1% from $445,00 in 2018
  • Average sale price $527,699 UP 9.2% from $483,037 in 2018
  • Average Days on Market 23 Days DOWN 4.2% from 24 in 2018
  • Percentage of Listing Price Received 101.5% UP from 100.9% in 2018
  • Months Supply of Inventory was 1.5 UP from 1.4 in 2018 *Rolling 12 month average across all market segments

Cambridge Real Estate Market 2019

There were 2,187 total sales in Cambridge in 2019, up 9.8% from 2018. Median sale price increased to $475,00 in 2019 from $440,00 in 2018. The average sale price in Cambridge increased to $500,422
(rolling 12 month average) in 2019 from $470,129 in 2018.

The percentage of listing price received increased to 101.1% in 2019, up from 100.4% in 2019. In Cambridge there was just 0.5 months supply of inventory at the end of 2019 and the average days on market was 21 days.

Kitchener Real Estate Market 2019

There were 3,704 total sales in Kitchener over 2019, up 3.6% from 2018. Median sale price across all market segments in Kitchener was $475,00 in 2019, up 10.5% from 2018. The average sale price was $499,282
(rolling 12 month average) in 2019 up 9.3% from 2018.

In Kitchener the average percentage of listing price in 2019 was 101.9%, up from 101.4% in 2018. There was 0.6 months of supply in Kitchener at the end of 2019 compared to 1 month of supply one year ago. Listings in the Kitchener real estate market experienced an average of 21 days on market throughout 2019.

Waterloo Real Estate Market 2019

There were 1,601 sales in Waterloo during 2019, down 4.9% from 2018. The median sale price was $525,00 in 2019, up 11.7% from 2018. In Waterloo the average sale price in 2019 was $562,088 (rolling 12 month average), up 11.1% from 2018.

Waterloo listings sold for 101.2% of listing price on average throughout 2019, up from 100.1% in 2018. There was 0.7 months supply of inventory at the end of 2019 and the average days on market was 25 days throughout 2019.

Realtor Notes
2019 Review & 2020 Thoughts

  • Very strong buyer competition below $600,000
  • Low supply and high demand market-wide
  • Development and redevelopment continue
  • Parking supply in city centres starting to diminish
  • Sustained interest rates

A significant trend we noticed in 2019 was a significant drop in available listings priced at $600,000 and under across all market segments. This is partly because of the aggressive price growth in Waterloo Region over the past few years pushing average prices higher. This trend, and aggressive price growth in the lower price ranges is fueled by strong buyer demand and lack of new inventory coming to market. Pre-construction options under under $600,00 in Waterloo region typically consist of townhomes or condo options, not single detached properties. Low market supply and high buyer demand is expected to continue in Waterloo region.

Development in Waterloo region continues but buyer demand continues to outpace new supply. Intense redevelopment in the downtown Kitchener and Uptown Waterloo areas has continued and gotten more aggressive throughout 2019. Expect this trend to continue in the coming years. With that we have notice parking in the city centres of Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge has increasingly become a problem for local businesses and for buyers moving into condos in these locations.

Finally, interest rates have remained low for another year. Throughout 2019 key interest rates and mortgage rates remained fairly steady. Additional regulations we not introduced in 2019 to help cool buyer demand either. If interest rates remain low, and additional regulations are not introduced, expect the financing side of the market to continue to support strong buyer demand.

Looking forward to 2020 we expect these trends to continue. There is low inventory across all market segments, especially under $600,000. New units can’t reach market quick enough to catch up with buyer demand. Financing rates are still historically low as well. Our market conditions support the trend that competition will continue to be strong and prices are likely to continue to rise.

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Waterloo Region Real Estate Market Update – August 2018

Real Estate Inventory, Sales Volume & Prices

August 2018 is in the books, so where are our real estate markets at? In our latest blog post we are taking a look into inventory numbers, sales volume, and price trends. Our goal is to keep you on the forefront of our real estate markets. By monitoring key stats and indicators we will determine where our markets are at now, and where they are heading.

MLS Listings Monthly Stats – Waterloo Region August 2018

Below is a standard “monthly stats” chart for the past 12 months. We monitor this chart on a month-by-month basis to get clarity on the direction and speed in which our markets our heading. We can see that the median days to sell increased from 13 to 16 from July to August this year. Looking at the blue line we can see that prices remained similar over the past 4 months with an upwards trend in the first few days of September 2018. This chart is a great starting point to see how long properties are typically on the market before they sell firm and if the prices homes are selling for is changing.


Competition in Waterloo Region Real Estate

For the residents of Waterloo Region the real estate markets over past two years has been a very intense experience. Properties selling in multiples, in a few days or even just a few hours like last spring is something our markets have not seen for many years. This competitive landscape has a lot of homeowners opting to stay at their current home to avoid the stress and worry of competing. When monitoring competition, especially for those considering buying and selling in a competitive market, list-to-sale price ratio is a great tool!

The chart below shows the ratio of the listing price to the price a property actually sold for. Note that this is an average of all listings in the Waterloo Region over the last 12 months. Ever property, situation and seller is different and there are different strategies for listing and selling property. Overall, if the average listing to sale price ratio is above 100%, we can assume that there is very strong competition. For reference, any List/Sale price ratio above 99% is historically strong. For additional context, review the blog post from June 2018 here we explain this key market statistic relating to Spring 2017.

Inventory & Sales – August 2018

Below is a chart displaying the number of listings sold and months of inventory in for the past 5 years. In August 2018 there were 671 Listings sold. As of August 31st Waterloo Region had just under two months of inventory. Months of inventory measure how long it would take for any market to run out of available properties if no new listings came to market. To put our current inventory levels into perspective, anything between 0-4 months is considered a “seller’s market”. Inventory levels between 4-6 months is a “balanced market”, and 6 months+ is a “buyer’s market”.

Looking back we see that we have not had 4+ months of inventory since Spring/Summer 2014.. yikes. We also see seasonal trends in our marketplace. Blue peaks in Winter and Summer months while green drops. This shows that we have more inventory available in off season months and fewer sales being made.

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Real Estate Market Update – Week Ending May 6th, 2018

May Market: Spike in New Listings & Closings

New listings increased in the past week to start May off with a bang! Local real estate markets have more houses for sale in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph providing some more opportunity for buyer’s. As we approach the middle of the Spring market our real estate markets have spiked in new listings and sold closed listings. This is mainly do to the seasonality of our southern Ontario markets with late-winter buyer’s moving into their new homes, and sellers bringing their home to market during peak shopping time for buyers!

Are you considering making a move? Check out our buying smart series for buyer tips: https://primepropertieson.com/real-estate/buying-smart-series-march-2018/ . Selling or wants some tips? Head to our Facebook page where we are posting great content reviewing our Spring Seller Series: https://www.facebook.com/pg/primepropertieson/posts!

Waterloo & Wellington Region Real Estate Markets – MLS Listings Stats Breakdown

New Listings: 437

Sold Pending: 283

Sold Closed: 433

Cancelled & Expired: 161

Active Conditionally Sold & Not Showing: 143

Price Increase: 17

Price Decrease: 107

Back on Market: 31

Local Markets Match Seasonal Trends

Here in the Waterloo and Wellington real estate markets we saw a slight increase in new listings and a significant jump in Sold Closed properties. New listings increased from 411 to 437 where sold close properties jumped from 200 to 433. The slight increase in new listings is in line with seasonal trends. Now that we are in May and the weather is more cooperative we should continue to see over 400 new listings hit the board on a weekly basis. The large increase in sold closed properties is fairly standard for the first week of a new month in the spring and summer. We can expect that number to drop to the 200’s until the first weekend of June (which is also Canada Day long weekend, traditionally the busiest day for residential real estate closings each year).

In addition our markets experienced a decreased of 17 sold pending listings from 300 to 283. There were a comparable number of price adjusted listings and conditionally sold properties as well. Nothing noteworthy to report there!

Realtor’s Notes

We can expect more listings to hit the board this week, and possibly next week as sellers rush to bring their home to market before May long weekend. During the Spring and Summer months there is typically a jump in new listings a week before, and the week after a long weekend. In Summary we are in a sellers market. We will will continue to be until we see a significant jump in listings inventory.


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Waterloo & Wellington Region MLS Listing Stats – March 18th, 2018

MLS Listing Stats Week Ending March 18th, 2018

MLS listings stats for the week ending March 18th, 2018 there are 40 fewer houses for sale in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph as the previous 7 days in the market. In addition to less new listings in Waterloo & Wellington Region there were slightly more properties sold in the past seven days (250) compared to the previous week (241). This will further contribute to the inventory shortage plagueing the local real estate markets and driving prices upwards.

Waterloo & Wellington Region Real Estate – MLS Listings Breakdown

New Listings: 291

Sold Pending: 250

Sold Closed: 124

Cancelled & Expired: 78

Active Conditionally Sold & Not Showing: 142

Price Increase: 7

Price Decrease: 67

Back on Market: 31

Summary – Why Inventory is so Low..

MLS listings data shows us that there are fewer houses for sale in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph than the previous week. We are one week closer to Spring but little has changed. We saw comparable number of price increases and decreases. As well as similar number of listings that are back on the market, expired or cancelled. The focus will continue to be on volume of new listings and sold pendings. These are the key metrics we track on a week to week basis to gauge the comptitive landscape of the Waterloo and Wellington real estate markets. All indications continue to point towards a lack of avialable listings comapred to the amount of active buyers, and it may get wores.

With Spring practically upon us the flood of seasonal buyers is sure to follow. But where will they move? With such little inventory available and no signs of more houses coming onto the market what does this mean?

If we continue to see low levels of new listings and the buyer pool as robust and enthusiastic houses in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph will continue to rise in value. Stay tuned, we will be continually updated and comment on this core component of our local real estate markets. As we move into the spring market we will peel back some layers and discuss some of the reasons for why inventory is so low and what that means for you.


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Waterloo & Wellington Region Real Estate Statistics – March 4th, 2018

Market Statistics Week Ending March 4th, 2018

Our markets saw 71 more listings hit the board in the last seven days then the previous week and only 2 more sold pending (203 sold pending in last 7 days). There was a large increase in sold closed listings as buyers that squeezed in a deal before 2018 will be closing around this time. In summary, we are seeing slightly more new listings come up as we approach the spring and a lot more closings stemming from buyers in December 2017.

Waterloo & Wellington Region Real Estate – Listings Breakdown

New Listings: 332

Sold Pending: 203

Sold Closed: 278

Cancelled & Expired: 94

Active Conditionally Sold & Not Showing: 117

Price Increase: 6

Price Decrease: 41

Back on Market: 29


Although we see a nice bump in available listings you can bet there are more active buyers in our market as well. As the weather becomes warmer so will buyer activity. We are still in a strong sellers market until we more inventory consistently in Waterloo and Wellington regions. Until next week!

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Waterloo and Wellington Region Real Estate – Market Update February 25th 2018

Market Statistics Week Ending February 25th, 2018


This week in real estate our markets saw a few more new listings compared to previous weeks but not nearly enough to meet buyer demands. As low inventory pushes prices higher in the Waterloo and Wellington region real estate markets some sellers may be jumping on opportunities to cash out a few weeks before the traditional spring market starts around mid March. Even so, buyers are starving for inventory as competition continues to be intense and we are still in a strong seller’s market.

Waterloo & Wellington Region Real Estate – Listings Breakdown

New Listings: 261

Sold Pending: 201

Sold Closed: 108

Cancelled & Expired: 42

Active Conditionally Sold & Not Showing: 97

Price Increase: 9

Price Decrease: 51

Back on Market: 25


There is your quick summary for the past 7 days in your local real estate markets! What else are you keeping track of heading into Spring 2018? How are you keeping track of important market metrics? We’d love to hear from you, drop us a comment below!